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COVID Safety Protocols at TCO Events

At Tap Cancer Out events, safety is of the utmost importance to us. We have waited 15 months from our last tournament in 2020 to get to a place where we feel we can safely host an open Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament that minimizes (but certainly doesn’t fully eliminate) risk. We have put together the following health and safety protocols for our 2021 tournaments to ensure the health and safety of both our competitors and our staff. In late 2020 we were able to roll out many of these protocols at our Sub-Only Showcases, which allowed us to improve and optimize our methods.

These protocols and standards are always subject to change depending on the state of the current health crisis.


  • No spectators allowed – Competitors, parent/guardians (see next point), and coaches only – we must do this in order to meet capacity maximums established by the venues and the towns, counties, and states they reside in
    • We plan to review and hope to relax this policy for our Fall events, but it will definitely be in effect for all events through July.
  • UPDATE MARCH 1st —  Both parents/guardians may accompany a child competitor — Siblings under 16 are welcome but must remain with their parents at all times.
  • Masks must be worn at all times unless a competitor is actively participating in a match
  • All staff, coaches, parent/guardians, and competitors will be required to have their temperature checked before gaining entrance the building with a maximum of 100.0 degrees — A temperature of 100 or higher will NOT be allowed to enter
  • Scheduling and timing will be staggered (and day extended) in order to allow for fewer people in the building at any given time
  • Competitors must leave as soon as they have been eliminated and/or their division has concluded. No watching other matches.
    • Children competing in the morning MAY NOT stay into the afternoon / adult portion of the tournament. All kids must exit the venue before we start Adults.
  • All monetary transactions will be CASHLESS – Credit card only with no signature required
  • Rashguards are mandatory, spats will be allowed but are not mandatory
  • Plastic barriers will be installed at tables for check-in, bracketing, and weigh-ins


  • Mats will be separated from each other allowing at least 12-feet separation between rings
  • Coaches will coach from opposing mat sides (not next to tables)
  • Volunteers and Referees will wear masks at all times (no exceptions) — Referees will avoid contact unless necessary (ex: No shaking hands with competitors)
  • Stanchions will separate competitors from the scoring table
  • When possible, chairs will be set up to provide social distancing for competitors at their ring waiting to fight
  • Only active coaches/competitors near a mat — Parents may accompany their child but must be 6 feet away from other individuals and away from the mats
  • Defense Body Wipes and sanitizer will be made available at all rings and their use is strongly encouraged before and after matches


  • Weigh/bracketing table will have a plastic barrier for protection of staff and potentially an additional table to ensure separation from competitors
  • Weigh-Ins require one person at a time on the scale (which will be moved further back). All people in line to weigh in will need to be 6 feet apart.
  • Shoes will remain ON for scales.


  • There will be a minimum 30 minute break between kids divisions and adult divisions to clean and clear on 1-day tournaments – This will be reflected in the schedule but exact times may vary.
  • We reserve the right to cap the number of round-robin matches within a given division, which could be as few as 3 matches to limit potential exposure
  • Competitors are encouraged to NOT arrive too early and must leave IMMEDIATELY after their division has concluded. There will be no spectating of matches by individuals who are not coaching and/or have already competed.


  • We WILL have a podium but safety precautions will be taken
  • Competitors will take their medals from the table and find their way to their appropriate place on the podium
  • Masks must remain ON for podium photos unless a competitor is BY THEMSELVES