Meet the Tap Cancer Out 2022 Beneficiaries!

In 2020-2021, Tap Cancer Out introduced our first multi-beneficiary platform, which allowed us to create a wider range of impact not only through research but also by providing training, survivorship support, prevention, and even a little adventure. At the end of 2021, we donated $1.2 million dollars to our nine deserving beneficiary partners on behalf of the Tap Cancer Out BJJ community.

We are continuing this multi-beneficiary approach as we move into 2022. We have built strong relationships with all of our past partners, so much so that we are continuing to support five of our previous nine beneficiaries in this upcoming year. In addition to that, we are thrilled to onboard five new organizations, bringing us to an even ten beneficiary partners for this year.

Tap Cancer Out is proud to announce our 2022 beneficiary partners, which we have committed to funding $1,200,000+ in grants and special projects in 2022. We encourage you to read below to learn more about each organization and what programs your funds will be supporting this year. We hope that you’ll register for one of our events and help us make an impact!

A long-standing partner of Tap Cancer Out, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s mission is to change the lives of children with cancer through funding impactful research, raising awareness, supporting families, and empowering everyone to help cure childhood cancer.

Since 2017, Tap Cancer Out has donated $1.6 million to ALSF, funding dozens of grants across the country, and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership as we fund more pediatric cancer research grants, in addition to supporting the Travel for Care program, which helps families who must travel to institutions far from home access potentially life-saving treatment for their child.

The American Brain Tumor Association is the nation’s oldest nonprofit organization dedicated to brain tumor education, support, and research. The ABTA is a steadfast advocate on behalf of the brain tumor community in the United States, and they are here to help patients, caregivers, and their loved ones as they navigate the brain tumor journey.

In 2021, Tap Cancer Out donated $125,000 to the ABTA which will fund two (2) Discovery Grants dedicated to brain tumor research. In 2022, Tap Cancer Out will fund the ABTA Basic Research Fellowship Program, which is one of the ABTA’s most important programs to researchers in the brain tumor community. With the help of Tap Cancer Out, they can continue to seek better treatment options with the ultimate cure of ending this life-changing disease.

Camp Sunshine provides retreats combining respite, recreation, and support, while enabling hope and promoting joy, for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families through the various stages of a child’s illness. The programs are free of charge to families and include on-site medical support.

In 2021, Tap Cancer Out donated $100,000 to sponsor 25 families attending Camp Sunshine as well as providing funds dedicated for travel assistance, making sure deserving families can get to the camp. In 2022, Tap Cancer Out will continue to support the families attending Camp Sunshine

CureCervicalCancer is dedicated to the early detection and prevention of cervical cancer. Their network of clinics operate in 7 different countries including Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Vietnam.

In 2021, Tap Cancer Out donated $100,000 to CureCurvicalCancer which helped to fund “See & Treat” training for up to 20 healthcare professionals & a 1-day training for 25 community health volunteers. Our gift also funded the donation of up to 3 thermal ablation devices to the partner NGOs and a public healthcare facility. In 2022, Tap Cancer Out’s gift will allow CCC to sustain and expand their new HPV Testing & Treatment Mobile Clinic. This is a brand new project, launched in October 2021, that brings the most accurate tools and technology available for screening/treating cervical cancer to women who have no other access to care.

First Descents provides life-changing, outdoor adventures for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions, improving their long-term survivorship.

In 2021, Tap Cancer Out donated $150,000, which will fund 4 weeklong camps for 60 young adult cancer-survivors. The Tap Cancer Out team was lucky enough to volunteer at one of their 2021 events and it was a truly emotional and inspirational experience. Tap Cancer Out will continue this partnership in 2022 in an effort to provide that same experience for those going through their cancer journey.

Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Oncology‘s vision is to focus on the types of childhood cancer that are most resistant to cure in an effort to develop new treatments that cure with minimal side-effects, both immediate and long-term, while linking their laboratory investigations to clinical trials to better identify new options for more-effective and less toxic therapies, and assess the long-term consequences of cancer and its therapies in patients who are cured to improve their quality of life during and after treatment.

While not an official 2021 beneficiary partner, Tap Cancer Out made a spot donation to the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Oncology in the amount of $14,000. We have officially brought them on board as a 2022 beneficiary partner and plan to fund The Tap Cancer Out Young Investigator Award in honor of Michael Corb. Michael was our founder’s nephew who lost his battle with leukemia at 9 months old. Funding through the award would support a young pediatric oncology faculty member researcher at the Instructor or Assistant Professor level by providing the resources needed to conduct innovative research within the Johns Hopkins Division of Pediatric Oncology.

The Isabella Santos Foundation is dedicated to improving rare pediatric cancer treatment options in an effort to increase the survival rates of kids with cancer. Isabella was diagnosed at age four with high-risk neuroblastoma, the most common rare pediatric cancer. Her treatment included chemo, surgery, and radiation with many treatments not available in the North Carolina region. That meant traveling all over the country in hopes of positive results. Isabella endured five relapses with neuroblastoma before she passed away at 7 years old in 2012. ISF has donated nearly $6 million to expand the scope of research and treatment, and to fill various needs surrounding neuroblastoma and other childhood cancers. By creating a comprehensive research and treatment option in Charlotte, NC through the ISF Rare & Solid Tumor Program, we look to create a cutting-edge option for children and their families.

In 2022, Tap Cancer Out will fund a GROW clinical trial, which aims to strengthen treatments for rare pediatric cancers through the Sholler Lab, which is part of the ISF Rare & Solid Tumor Program. The Trial RFP process takes place in Q1 of 2022, in which Tap Cancer Out will be involved and share more of those details once available.

Pink Ribbon Girls mission provides healthy meals, rides to treatment, housecleaning boxes, cancer education, and peer support to breast and gynecological cancer patients and their families, independent of age, stage, or socio-economic status and free of charge. Every 1.5 minutes a woman or man is diagnosed with breast cancer and every 36 minutes a woman is diagnosed with gynecological cancer within the United States. PRG is here to alleviate the fear and uncertainty that breast and gynecological cancers bring to individuals and their families so “No One Travels This Road Alone…”

In 2022, Tap Cancer Out will fund 3,000 meals to PRG’s Tri-State clients and their families who fall below the federal poverty guidelines, which include PRG’s clients identifying as food and/or ride insecure.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is one of the world’s leading centers of cancer research and treatment. Dana‐Farber’s mission is to provide expert, compassionate care to children and adults with cancer while advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of cancer and related diseases. Dana‐Farber’s ultimate goal is the eradication of cancer, AIDS, and related diseases and the fear that they engender.

In 2022, Tap Cancer Out will fund Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Therapy for HER2 Breast Cancer. Treatment of HER2 breast cancer can be especially challenging because of side effects including toxicity from first‐line treatments. Importantly, through this novel approach developed by the Romee lab, the expected toxicity is extremely low. For far too long, women have had few options if they fail first‐line therapies. Now, based on years of research, we are in the process of confirming that CAR therapies appear to be a successful approach for HER2 patients, and this model has shown promising results in leukemia, lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndromes, head, and neck cancers, and others Tap Cancer Out’s funds would help to provide critical resources to Dr. Rizwan Romee to support a project that is primed to reveal results that will have a clinical impact on this HER2 breast cancer research in the near term.

Christopher’s Haven is an organization located in Boston, Massachusetts with a mission to operate a supportive community consisting of seven temporary apartments and a community recreation area for families of children being treated for cancer in nearby Boston hospitals. Christopher’s Haven offers more than an apartment for kids and their families while they battle cancer. It’s a support system and a community where Christopher’s Haven families can be together, share a laugh, be comforted, and comfort others. We know medicine heals the patient, Christopher’s Haven heals the child.

In 2022, Tap Cancer Out’s raised funds will maintain nine fully-furnished apartments at the Emerson Place Apartments in Boston. These apartments are available to families with children seeking cancer treatment at nearby Boston hospitals.

We are thrilled about the impact we will make with our beneficiary partners through the end of 2022 and we’re so appreciative to have you as part of the ride!