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Fall & Winter Tournament Update

It is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you that all of our remaining 2020 BJJ Open tournaments have been officially cancelled as well as our Austin and Chicago Sub-Only Showcases. They will not be rescheduled for this calendar year, but we do plan to schedule the events for the same weekends in 2021, fingers crossed.

For many reasons it’s neither prudent nor possible for us to host the events. With such large attendee and spectator numbers, we would not be able to follow local/state health and safety regulations. The health of our competitors and our staff is of the upmost importance to us and we need to continue to stay safe.

In better news, we will still be hosting Sub-Only Showcase events this year in Connecticut, Philadelphia, Boston, as well as the addition of two new cities: Charlotte and Baltimore! All the info will be on subonlyshowcase.com and applications for all events (other than Connecticut) open on August 17th.

The showcase events will adhere to strict COVID restrictions and safety protocols, limiting the number of people in the building. All events will be closed to the public (no spectators) but streamed LIVE for FREE on our Facebook page.

What Happens Next:

Our fundraisers will have perks they want to fulfill and our paid competitors (who don’t want to donate their registration fees) will need to be refunded.

We have a small team of three (myself, Becky, and Dave) who will need to process all refunds so please bear with us as we manage this process. Any actions we’ll need to take between refunds and perk fulfillment will be taking place over the next few weeks / months as we work through the massive amount of logistics.

Below we’ve broken down what each competitor needs to do depending on their 1) ticket type and 2) fundraising efforts. Some of you fall into both categories, so please read in full.

Refunding Paid Competitors

All competitors who paid an entry fee are entitled to a full refund.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t underscore the importance of your support right now.

Whether your registration was $70, $80, $90, or $100, your contribution to Tap Cancer Out goes an extremely long way during this difficult time and allows us to continue our efforts to empower the BJJ to fight for those in the fight of their lives. We are poised to fund millions of dollars of research over the next few years, but we need to make it there first.

If you’re interested you can DONATE your registration fee. In turn we will send you a tax-deductible receipt.

If not, that’s TOTALLY okay. We will refund you in full.

However, since most registrations took place more than 60 days ago, the window to refund your registration fee back to your credit card is now closed, so we can’t refund most of you with the click of a button anymore.

Thus, in order to refund you, we can only do so via Venmo, PayPal, or Check (sent first class USPS).

Those are the only three methods of payment we can offer. If none of those work, you may keep the registration credit for a future event.

Whether you want a refund or want to donate your registration fee, please fill out the survey below. This will provide us with the information necessary to process your refund / donation. Even if you know you registered in the last 60 days, please fill out the survey.

Please keep in mind that if you registered with a fundraising ticket, you did not pay a registration fee upfront and therefore are not eligible for a refund (read more about that below).

Your refund could take anywhere from a day to a month to be received. Please be patient as we navigate this new territory and work through each of the hundreds of Paid Competitors one-by-one.

Redeeming Fundraiser Perks

We’re extremely appreciative of all the fundraising our competitors did ahead of their tournaments.

Many fundraising competitors surpassed thresholds that earned them perks. Fundraisers who raised more than $400 have earned physical perks. However, we can not fulfill those immediately.

Physical Fundraising Perks:

Fundraiser tees, rashguards, hoodies, backpacks, and/or Gis will NOT be able to be redeemed until mid-August.

I know that may sound unfortunate and inconvenient, but it’s simply a logistical issue. Once we rescheduled the tournament we halted production on certain items as the manufacturing facilities themselves slowed or closed. We were timing the production of our Gis and Backpacks to arrive in late July, which would have been in time for the tournament.

All perks for fundraisers who raised more than $600 will be redeemed via our online store using a discount code. This is a process we use every year with our west coast tournaments where we can’t bring our merchandise, so we’ll follow similar protocol.

You will receive a separate email that outlines exactly how to redeem your perks in August.

The content below is just a high-level overview of how it’s going to work. Please keep an eye out from another email from us with that information.

If you raised more than $250 you have earned a free entry to any future Tap Cancer Out tournament. In order to redeem this, you will need to register for the tournament once it opens and then email us at registration@tapcancerout.org to let us know that you will be redeeming your free entry. Basically you’ll use a Fundraiser Ticket Option but not be required to fundraise anything (though we hope you do).

For 2021 events we may end up creating a special ticket option just for those who are redeeming a free entry from the year before. So keep a lookout for that!

If you were a Paid Competitor AND raised more than $250, you’re entitled to a registration refund AND also a registration credit for a future tournament. Please make sure to fill our our survey so we can process your refund.

**Of course, our community is awesome and we know that many of you will register as a fundraiser next year and raise more than $250, thus not really needing the “free entry” since you’ve earned it all over again. So it’s up to you if you’d like to use it for a different tournament or not use it at all.

If you raised more than $400 you have earned an exclusive fundraiser t-shirt. Depending on how much you raised in total you may be asked (in a separate email) to provide your size/shipping info OR you will simply add your size into the NOTES section of your online order (should you need to redeem other perks).

If you raised more than $600 you have earned your choice of a hoodie or rashguard. We do have kids sizes in both our hoodies and rashguards, but they’re typically only sold/redeemed at our tournaments. I will add them to our online store so our younger fundraisers can redeem their perks.

If you raised more than $1,000 you have earned a backpack and if you raised more than $2,000 you have earned a Free Gi!

The codes we will send to redeem your perks are one-time-use codes that must be used in full. They will include a flat fee shipping rate that helps us offset a portion (but not all) of the shipping costs.

That should be all for now! If you have any questions, you can always directly reply to this email or shoot us a note at registration@tapcancerout.org.

If you missed it somehow, the link to the survey that you MUST FILL OUT in order to receive a registration refund is below FOR PAID COMPETITORS ONLY 👇👇👇👇

Thanks for bearing with us and we appreciate the continued support!