How to Create or Join a Fundraising Team

Creating or joining a fundraising team for the Tap Cancer Out BJJ Open is one of the most important things you can do to amplify your impact and band together with your fellow BJJ brothers and sisters to change the world.

How do fundraising teams work? You gather a group of individuals (generally from your academy or school, but we’re not picky) set a team goal. Your individual fundraising efforts are tallied for a team total to reach that bigger goal. The highest fundraising teams get a special shout out on the day of the tournament and the bragging rights until next year’s tournament.

It also helps individual contributors drive more donations. Here are the three ways teams make you work harder:

Commitment. You train hard, you fight hard, and with a team, you fundraise hard. The level of accountability goes up and everyone grows their impact in the fight against cancer together.

Knowledge share. None of us, no matter how great, got where we are alone. By joining a team, individual fundraisers are exposed to more knowledge and fundraising ideas than just going it alone.

You can do more as a team. With more bodies on board, you can get more creative with how you raise money. Sign up for a day raising donations outside your local grocery store and take shifts, organize a team car wash or healthy bake sale. Remember – many hands make light work, so lighten your load by bringing on more folks to help us make this a record-breaking year.

So if you’ve already gathered your teammates – you just need to update your fundraising page. It’s easy – just follow these steps.

Head to your fundraising page and click the MANAGE button:

From there, scroll down and click the JOIN OR CREATE A TEAM button.

From there, you can simply follow the prompts to choose your team or set up the fundraising team for your BJJ academy or school affiliation. If you set up a team page, you’re the captain by default, which means you can edit the page details (including upping your team goal) at your convenience.