Tournament Weight Classes

Please Note: Weights listed are the MAXIMUM weight for that class.


Under 16 years old
(Weights listed are the
MAXIMUM weights without the Gi)
(Age 4-5; 6-7)
Max Weight
(Age 8-9; 10-11)
Max Weight
(Age 12-13, 14-15)
Max Weight
Light Featherweight40 lbs50 lbs80 lbs
Featherweight47 lbs60 lbs92 lbs
Lightweight54 lbs70 lbs104 lbs
Middleweight61 lbs80 lbs116 lbs
Light Heavyweight68 lb90 lbs128 lbs
Heavyweight75 lbs100 lbs140 lbs
Super Heavyweight82 lbs110 lbs152 lbs
Ultra HeavyweightNo MaxNo MaxNo Max
Adult Male & Female
(Weights listed are the
MAXIMUM weights without the Gi)
Adult Male
Max Weight
Adult Female
Max Weight
Light Featherweight141 lbs120 lbs
Featherweight154 lbs131 lbs
Lightweight167.5 lbs142 lbs
Middleweight181 lbs153 lbs
Light Heavyweight194.5 lbs164 lbs
Heavyweight207.5 lbs175 lbs
Super Heavyweight225 lbsNo Max
Ultra HeavyweightNo Max