Tournament Weight Classes

Please Note: Weights listed are the MAXIMUM weight for that class.


Under 16 years old
(You do NOT have to
weigh-in with the Gi on)
(Age 4-5; 6-7)
Max Weight
(Age 8-9; 10-11)
Max Weight
(Age 12-13, 14-15)
Max Weight
Light FeatherweightUp to 40 lbsUp to 50 lbsUp to 80 lbs
Featherweight41-47 lbs51-60 lbs81-92 lbs
Lightweight48-54 lbs61-70 lbs93-104 lbs
Middleweight55-61 lbs71-80 lbs105-116 lbs
Light Heavyweight62-68 lb81-90 lbs117-128 lbs
Heavyweight69-75 lbs91-100 lbs129-140 lbs
Super Heavyweight76-82 lbs100-110 lbs141-152 lbs
Ultra HeavyweightOver 82 lbsOver 110 lbsOver 152 lbs
Adult Male & Female
(You do NOT have to
weigh-in with the Gi on)
Adult Male
Max Weight
Adult Female
Max Weight
Light FeatherweightUp to 141 lbsUp to 120 lbs
Featherweight142-154 lbs121-131 lbs
Lightweight155-167.5 lbs132-142 lbs
Middleweight168-181 lbs143-153 lbs
Light Heavyweight182-194.5 lbs154-164 lbs
Heavyweight195-207.5 lbs165-175 lbs
Super Heavyweight208-225 lbsOver 175 lbs
Ultra HeavyweightOver 225 lbs