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Tap Cancer Out – The New Chapter

I wanted to wish a warm welcome to the thousands of Tap Cancer Out fans around the world. As I’m sure you’ve read over the last few months, we ran into some branding issues, thus we’ve decided to alter our brand name slightly. Our former brand name, Tap Out Cancer, will now be Tap Cancer Out from this day forward. If you haven’t already, please head to our NEW Facebook page and LIKE us. Facebook does not allow page owners to alter the page names, so we’ll have to abandon our old one and start anew.

As I’ve mentioned many times, the outpouring of support over these last few months months has been heartwarming and humbling. I’ve received emails from supporters across the globe sending words of encouragement and offering to help in any way possible. Brands such as BJJHQ, BJJ Gear Junkie, Overthrow Gear, Soul Mind Fist Fight Shop, Open Black Belt, BJJ Weekly, Lapel Choke, Shoyoroll, Black Eagle and many more have offered their support in a variety of ways, and I can’t thank them enough.

Our original red t-shirts with the old branding will still be available (with a reduced price of $12), but once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever. We’ve also got 25 rash guards in with the old branding, which I’ll be putting up in the store shortly. We WILL have gi patches made soon with the new branding, so please be patient.

But what I’m excited to announce is our newest t-shirt. The design is called “Fight the Power” with the red raised fist & belt design that is located on our rash guards and will be on our patches too. The shirt has a very simplified design, with the raised fist on the front and the website on the back. I thought it personified the way we’ve all felt about Tap Cancer Out since we launched this nonprofit – No matter what, we will band together as a family of grapplers to defeat cancer, once and for all. While we’ll meet obstacles along the way, we’ll never give up, and we’ll never stop moving forward.

The first batch of shirts will be pre-order only and will be a limited amount at first. So head over to the store and pre-order your shirts now to make sure you get in on the first batch. As always, the proceeds of the shirts will go towards the fight against cancer.

Keep flowing! Oss!!