Matburn Podcast Listeners Raise $8,000+

Matburn Podcast Listeners Raise $8,000+

We had the opportunity this year to partner with renowned black belts Josh Hinger and Keenan Cornelius upon the launch of the wildly successful Matburn Podcast. This was one of the coolest and rewarding content efforts we’ve made in 2020, not only hearing Keenan...
R4R Podcast Episode 013: How to prepare for your (first) BJJ tournament

R4R Podcast Episode 001: Alex Ecklin, Masterskya

In our first ever episode we had the honor of chatting with Alex Ecklin. A Vitor Shaolin black belt, Alex has been a longtime supporter of Tap Cancer Out. In 2016 he made waves in the BJJ community when he started his school, Masterskya, in an unmarked building in...