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Matburn Podcast Listeners Raise $8,000+

We had the opportunity this year to partner with renowned black belts Josh Hinger and Keenan Cornelius upon the launch of the wildly successful Matburn Podcast. This was one of the coolest and rewarding content efforts we’ve made in 2020, not only hearing Keenan and Josh talk about what Tap Cancer Out means to them, but also seeing the outpouring of support from their listeners.

As a sponsor of the podcast they helped spread the word of our Grappling for Good tour, and the Matburners (is that what we’re calling them?) came out in force. Dozens of competitors cited the podcast as the catalyst for signing up, and those competitors fundraised a combined $8,126! We greatly appreciate the support and are looking forward to what 2020 holds.

Thanks Keenan, Josh, and the Matburn Podcast community!

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