More Than Medals: Kaylee Rodgers

MORE THAN MEDALS shares the heartfelt stories of our fundraisers, revealing the faces behind our cause. Today, we share the story of Kaylee Rodgers who is honoring her grandmother.

Kaylee is a blue belt training at VA Academy. She is currently fundraising for the 2024 Dallas BJJ Open on May 25th.


Kaylee first got involved with Tap Cancer Out in 2021, when her Nana was fighting metastatic breast cancer. She was always one of Kaylee’s biggest cheerleaders.

Kaylee’s Nana passed away from cancer two years ago and she is deeply missed every day. Knowing that other families are walking through this fight with cancer has motivated Kaylee to fight harder for TCO and those fighting for their lives. Kaylee has raised over $23,000 (and counting) for Tap Cancer Out.

We encourage you to follow Kaylee’s fundraising journey to honor her Nana. We wish her the best of luck at the upcoming Dallas BJJ Open. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Kaylee!