No Partner? No Problem! 5 Unique Ways to Take Part in Global Grappling Day

Our first ever Global Grappling Day is taking place on December 12th, 2020, and the concept is fairly simple:

  1. Pick a partner
  2. Fundraise
  3. Find a safe space
  4. Roll for 60 minutes

However, the heart of Global Grappling Day is to mobilize and empower our supporters from inside (and outside) the BJJ community to create tangible impact in the fight against cancer. It’s not about exactly what our supporters do on (or around) that day. It’s about making a difference and showing the everyone that grapplers around the world can unite to change the world. How you actually get to that end goal is truly up to you.

We’ve had a number of supporters reach out to tell us they can’t find a partner, can’t find a safe space to roll, or simply aren’t available on that day or weekend. So I want to clarify — you don’t HAVE to follow the “rules” of Global Grappling Day. If you’re raising funds to help us take the fight to cancer, we don’t really care how you get there!!

If for any reason you can’t take part in the “traditional” format of Global Grappling DayNO PROBLEM!

Here are a few out-of-the-box ways you can take part:

  1. Find an open mat and make sure you roll for 60 combined minutes
  2. Bike, run, or even walk for an hour straight
  3. Wear your Gi in public as you run errands (extra points if you’re wearing a TCO face covering!)
  4. Set up a hot apple cider stand and add the contributions to your fundraising page
  5. And my favorite—put your friend/family member/significant other through their first ever 1-hour BJJ lesson!

And of course, no matter what you end up doing, you’ll still earn rad perks for your fundraising efforts.

So if you’re busy on December 12th, no problem!
If you can’t find a partner or a place to roll, no sweat!
If you don’t even train BJJ, all good!

As I often say at our tournaments, the day of the event (Global Grappling Day in this case) is a day for celebration. What happens on the mat is irrelevant. You don’t even have to step on the mat. It’s the efforts leading up to the event that are leaving your mark on the world and helping take the fight to cancer.

So whether you plan to roll, run, or watch the Lapel Encyclopedia, we’d love it if you joined us for Global Grappling Day!