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Introducing: “The Podium”

Since 2011 we have hosted over 40 events, welcomed more than 14,000 competitors onto our mats, received more than 50,000 donations, and raised and donated more than $2.25 million to our beneficiary partners, funding dozens of grants and special programs that without a doubt enrich and save the lives of those with cancer.

This year we’re facing our most difficult challenge in the Coronavirus. It came unexpectedly, has prevented us from hosting an untold number events, and we don’t know how long it will last.

Recently we developed a new way to give to Tap Cancer Out. We’re calling it, “The Podium,” a monthly recurring giving program that provides us sustainability that can empower our work not only through the difficult 6-12 months ahead of us, but for years to come, all while allowing us to pass through more dollars to our beneficiary organizations.

Our hope is to have 50 Podium Members by the end of April, who will be known as our “Gold Medal” Founding Members. We’re already 20% of the way there. Will you join us? Our first 50 members will be immortalized on our website and Annual Report, having helped cement the foundation of The Podium.

We subscribe to numerous services each month. This is one that is actually creating change, enriching your life as well as others.

We suggest $25 per month, but no amount is too small, and every gift matters. We’re already developing unique rewards for our Podium members, including exclusive gear, discounts, access to new releases (like our newest Gi and Rashguard, both of which are arriving soon), beneficiary input, and more, which we’ll release as soon as we can.

With your support we can together realize the ultimate milestone of ending cancer in our lifetime, together.

I would be honored if you joined us.