GGD Hosts – What Do They Do, Exactly?

We are often asked how someone can get more involved with Tap Cancer Out. We always say that the best way to do that is to volunteer at one of our events. But what if we don’t have an event local to you? Or what if you just competed with us and want to keep making an impact in the fight against cancer? That is part of the reason why we created Global Grappling Day!

The beauty of Global Grappling Day being a “virtual event” is that it truly can be done anywhere across the globe. Unlike Santa Claus, the Tap Cancer Out team can’t be everywhere on December 17th and that’s where our event hosts come in to support! Our event hosts can be school owners, instructors, parents, or your everyday BJJ student. All it takes is a little planning and the willingness to want to make a difference.

So, what does it mean to be an event host? It’s honestly pretty easy but we’ve listed out some of the steps below to help explain what we would be asking you:

  • Get Permission: Speak to your school owner/professor/instructor to see if they would be willing to have the event at their location on Saturday, December 17th.
  • Create Your Team Page & Get Teammates Registered: Register by creating your team’s page on globalgrapplingday.com and encourage your teammates to register for FREE!
  • Spread the Word: With the venue secured, it’s time to get your teammates on board! Hang up posters and hand out postcards (both of which we can supply). Mention it on social media!
  • Encourage Fundraising: Make sure your teammates are registered on globalgrapplingday.com and are fundraising!
  • Plan Your Event: Determine what type of event you want to run and what other fun elements you want to add to it (i.e food, raffles, music).
  • Host Your Event on December 17th! Enjoy the day with your teammates and friends!

If you are considering supporting Tap Cancer Out by becoming a Global Grappling Day Event Host, you register and then fill out this form to get lots of great planning content. You can also download our Global Grappling Day Event Playbook for tons of great details to get you started!

We really hope you’ll join us to help make Global Grappling Day a success. It’s a great way for teammates to come together to celebrate the end of the year and make a difference!